Number : 114

Awarding body :
Walloon Region
AMURE (Improvement of energy efficiency and promotion of a more rational use of energy) (Subsidy)

The SPW Territoire, Logement, Patrimoine, Energie grants 4 types of subsidies to enterprises in sectoral agreement, SMEs for renovation works, SMEs having signed a declaration of intent, bodies representing enterprises, bodies representing enterprises in sectoral agreement as well as enterprises in sectoral agreement without the intermediary of a body representing enterprises in sectoral agreement for:


1)       conducting a partial energy audit, a simplified energy audit, a comprehensive energy audit a pre-feasibilty study, a feasibility study, a yearly monitoring audit;

2)       the implementation of a roadmap 2050, the relevance study of a roadmap 2050;

3)       the preparation, supervision and monitoring of a sectoral agreement;

4)       the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency.


The rate of the subsidy ranges from 40% to 100% depending on the type of company, its size and the type of implementation.


Benefit granted
Eligible basis
Conditions of grant
Application procedure
Legal framework
European Regulation
"Enterprises" is a database of Walloon enterprises in the areas of Industry, metal and plastic-elastomer subcontracting (including wholesales, research offices and laboratories), environment and enterprises services
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