Number : 47

Awarding body :
Walloon Region
Digital : « Digital maturity » voucher (Subsidy)

The aim of the « digital » theme vouchers is to contribute to the digital transformation of the enterprises and increase their digital maturity to improve their competitiveness and sustainability as well as to promote the consideration of cybersecurity within Walloon enterprises.


Digital maturity means : the level of control and use of digital technologies by the enterprise in the following fields, excluding external communication and marketing and commercial audits aspects :

a)            infrastructures : technologies, hardware ;

b)            internal processes : information flow and production process ;

c)            human resources management : new forms of work organization.


The public support is set at 50% of eligible costs, exclusive of VAT.


Benefit granted
Eligible basis
Conditions of grant
Application procedure
Legal framework
European Regulation
"Enterprises" is a database of Walloon enterprises in the areas of Industry, metal and plastic-elastomer subcontracting (including wholesales, research offices and laboratories), environment and enterprises services
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