Number : 95

Awarding body :
Walloon Region
Digital economic recovery : "Diagnostic" voucher (Subsidy)

As the COVID-19 health crisis has weakened certain sectors, the vouchers under the "digital economic recovery" theme are granted to companies and non-profit organizations and aim to support increased and more secure use of digital tools and channels.

These vouchers are specific to the measure implemented and financed by the ERDF under the REACT-EU initiative.


The “diagnostic” voucher constitutes the 1st stage. It is not mandatory for the company when :


1°       a diagnosis has been conducted as part of a “digital maturity” voucher (see scheme n° 47) or a “cybersecurity” voucher (see scheme n° 46) in the 12 months preceding the introduction of the application for stage 1 or 2 and;

2°       provided the diagnosis is related to the current project and remains in phase with the situation of the company.


The public support is set at 90% of eligible costs, exclusive of VAT.


Benefit granted
Eligible basis
Conditions of grant
Application procedure
Legal framework
European Regulation
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